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self released: 2000
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An Explanation Of The Past
Annihilvs records: 2002
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track 'Isogon' featured on Tonal Destruction II
various artists, DTA records: 2003

track 'Humanslaves' (m slagle vs. NTT)
featured on Spent Decibel Artist Sampler v.1

Spent Decibel Records: 2005

The Boundaries Of Infinite Complexity
self released: 2006
album info

Infinite Complexity II
self released: 2006
album info

Clarity Through Madness
self released: 2008
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Ultraterrestrial Intervention
self released: 2011
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track 'Mercury Membrane'
featured on 'To Overcome Suffering'
various artists, Annihilvs records: 2014
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